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Krystal entered foster care at age 17. She remained in care until she aged out when she turned 18. During her eight months in foster care, Krystal experienced 4 placements, including residential centers and group homes. These placement changes made it difficult to stay caught up in school. Krystal is currently a sophomore at the University of New Mexico. She is working towards a bachelor’s degree in psychology. Krystal is the youth advocate fellow at New Mexico Child Advocacy Networks, where she works on our BFF Project through advocacy, education, and promotion. Krystal is the current vice president of Leaders Uniting Voices: Youth Advocates of New Mexico (LUVYA). During her involvement with LUVYA, she has gone to the legislature to talk to legislators about problems that young people in foster care face. She was also invited to the governor’s mansion to talk about aging out of foster care.  In addition to LUVYA, Krystal presented about what youth leadership looks like in New Mexico, at the National Resource Center for Youth Development, with the youth services bureau chief. She also appeared on two episodes of Public Square, a TV show that brings light to issues. One episode was about suicide, and the other was about aging out of foster care. Krystal Goolsby is a member of the Jim Casey Youth Opportunities Initiative Young Fellows program.  The Young Fellows are a group of young people currently or formerly in foster care who have gained knowledge and skills at the Jim Casey Initiative Youth Leadership Institute and spend time identifying, discussing, and sharing solutions to issues that affect young people transitioning from foster care to adulthood. She has been a Young Fellow since 2013, during which time she attended the 2013 Youth Leadership institute. Krystal is passionate about helping people, especially children. She is very compassionate about helping children and youth who may be qualified as at risk. In her spare time, she enjoys children’s theater, because it is a great way to help kids discover their talents and use them.

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